Any wedding party of 4 or less for hair and makeup, I can handle on my own with no assistant as long as timing allows. Generally about 1 hour  per person and at least 2 hours for the bride. If the venue is not allowing us enough time or there are other reasons why there is a time restriction then an assistant can be booked. Please refer to my rate sheet for this information.

Any wedding party greater than 4 will require extra assistance. Please refer to my rate sheet for that information.

*The first thing we will do on the wedding day is get payment out of the way so that then we can concentrate on the hair and the make up*. We will not be able to start on hair and make up until payment is resolved completely with every member of the group. Payment must be a single form of payment for the entire amount and will be due upon my arrival at your location.  Please respect this policy and inform your wedding party.

I will require a firm headcount at your trial run and a VERY firm headcount at least two weeks before your wedding date. I use this headcount to determine scheduling and also if I need an assistant or not. This head count will be written into your contract. If other family members or wedding party members who were not previously in the headcount want their hair and makeup done last minute then we will absolutely try to work them in if time allows but only after we finish our originally booked group.