Bridal Trial Run:

Also known as a preview. This is a 2 hour time slot where we can experiment and try out different hairstyles and different make up looks. Or, if you already have a very specific style in mind then you will actually get to see what it will look like for your wedding day. You are more than welcome to book more than one preview appointment. Trial runs can include lashes for an additional charge. A trial run in the salon is $100. A trial run on location is $150 plus Mileage if outside the Birmingham area.

Bridal Portraits/ Engagement Session:
This is a two hour time slot that includes a full hair and make up application to prepare you for a photo session.  This is not a good day to experiment because timing generally does not allow for that.  This service includes airbrush and lashes at no additional charge. The rate for this service is $150 in salon. $300 on location and any Milage if outside of the Birmingham area.

Wedding Day Hair and/or Makeup:
This service includes full make up application,airbrushing and lashes and also hairstyling. I offer this service in salon or at the location of your choice. I do offer hair and make up for bridal party… also family members or anyone else who is interested.  In general, I allow two hours for the bride and an hour for each additional person. This service does not include any additional touch up time or extra time. That is an additional service that I do offer.

Touch Up Time:
Touch up time is perfect for a bride who wants to be prepped throughout the day, The bride who is going to wear her hair down during the summer months, or any bride who would just feel more comfortable having me there to make sure everything stays perfect at all times. Touch up time must be booked in advance but you may book as much time as you feel you need, even through to the reception. We will agree on a starting time and ending time during your trial run. The rate for this service is $100 per hour.

Rates include airbrush and lashes.
Tattoo cover is an additional charge.

For events outside of the Birmingham area the travel fee is $0.55 to and fro.